SUGA surpassed 500 million streams across all credits

With a total of 501,114,241 streams, SUGA has now surpassed 500 MILLION streams across all credits under his works as ‘SUGA’ on Spotify!

He truly is a Spotify Legend! You can check out the list of songs below or listen to SUGA on Spotify.

Song TitleTotal Streams
Song Request22,367,843 streams
SUGA’s Interlude68,879,353 streams
Eight181,891,251 streams
Blueberry Eyes159,640,421 streams
Blueberry Eyes ft. Steve Aoki4,318,938 streams
Blueberry Eyes ft. Lil Mosey, SUGA & Olivia O’Brien9,587,186 streams
My Universe SUGA’s remix13,516,295 streams
Girl of my Dreams40,912,954 streams
Total streams for SUGA’s songs on Spotify

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