BR or Brand Ranking is an important response to the popularity of an idol. To explain it better, this is the breakdown of each BR index and how we can work on improving them.

1. Participation Index

  • Definition: The amount of times people have searched for the artist’s keywords.
  • How to improve: search for SUGA and related keywords everyday on Naver, Daum, Google, Wikipedia and YouTube.

2. Media Index

  • Definition: the amount of media exposure. Mentions on TV programs, recommendations, shares and number of likes.
  • How to improve: press “like”, recommend and share SUGA’s articles that we post in the BR section.

3. Communication Index

  • Definition: the amount of blogs and discussion forums mentioning SUGA
  • How to improve: share original blogs of SUGA on both Naver Blogs and Daum Cafes. I’ll be posting tutorials on this soon.

4. Community Index

  • Definition: the amount of times the artist is mentioned in SNS (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc). This includes hashtags, reposts/retweets, shares, likes, views, etc.
  • How to improve: use his hashtags in all content related to SUGA. Also like, retweet and share content about SUGA that includes the hashtags (#SUGA #방탄소년단슈가 #BTS #슈가)

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