20201026 SUGA K-Media Articles

Today we have 2 sets of articles regarding Daechwita:

  1. On JTBC’s China Class, music critic Hwang Woochang takes Suga’s Daechwita as a representative example of Gugak“” Suga’s Daechwita is a succesful combination of modern music & court march music, has surpassed 140M,setting a huge record.

  1. Chun Myunghoon – a trot singer who parodied Daechwita appears on MBC Everone’s “Video Star” & reveals behind-the-scenes stories of the shooting, saying that the MV was homageous with respect after watching the music video of BTS Suga’s “Daechwita”

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  1. Is it really better to react with the second emojis in naver articles? But if the first emojis have more reactions does it make a difference by reacting with the second emojis?

    1. It depends. It’s great to have many reactions using the first emoji. However, reacting with the second or third emojis makes it easier for articles to trend sometimes. Naver also shows the top 2 reactions, so by using the 2nd one we reduce the chances of seeing negative ones in the top 2. But in the end it’s up to you. Thanks for interacting with his articles!

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