Kim Shin Young talks about BTS and Suga!

Kim Shin Young talks about BTS and Suga!

During the latest episode of her radio program “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”, entertainer Kim Shin Young talked about BTS and Suga.

She stated that for the past week on TV & radios, the song that received much love – and is 11th on the charts, is @BTS_twt‘s ‘Boy with Luv’. The song was requested again so it shows the band is still going strong, even though the song was released last year in April. However, it became the representative song of 2019.

Kim Shin Young mentioned that BTS did amazing in 2019. They also re-wrote a history of 34 years, at the Golden Disk Awards this year. They won both eunban and eunwon daesang. Here’s how the conversation went after that:

Co-Host: That’s a first right?

Kim Shin Young: Yeah, its never the case, but its BTS so.. 

Co-Host: So are there still any histories left to rewrite in the future? 

Kim Shin Young: Ifeel like there still will be.

Co-Host: For me I feel like they are men of fortune.

Kim Shin Young: That’s that, but for me its like.. Maroon 5 have fans that are crazy all over the world. I feel like BTS is more than that. I feel like BTS is like that. You can’t even say Hallyu (K-Wave/K-Pop) without BTS.

Co-Host: Right ,they are worldwide stars!

Kim Shin Young: You don’t say things like AMERICAN singer Michael Jackson right? Or AMERICAN basketball player Michael Jordan right? Jordan is just Jordan. Everybody around the world just calls him Michael Jordan. So in the same way, BTS is just BTS. It’s not even KOREAN singers BTS. Now, everybody knows them.

Co-Host: So for such a BTS, Suga to you.

Kim Shin Young: My dongsaeng (younger brother), Min Yoongi fighting! (which means all the best!). Yoongi wished me ‘Happy new year!’ over text.

Co-Host: Really? So how did you reply him this time?

Kim Shin Young: I told him to stay healthy, to live well, and that I’ll cheer him on from far.

Co-Host: You sent him some lovely emoticons too right, you don’t usually use them.

Kim Shin Young: I don’t have emoticons, so I used really old emoticons – I sent him the old one which says ‘tell him I cant go there’ (meaning she cant be there physically to cheer him on).

Co-Host: But really though, even though we’re not friends they make me really proud of them, they are so cool, and I hope they show us cooler sides of them in the future.

Both: Fighting! So lets hear ‘Boy With Luv’ now ~

Listen to the original clip here:


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