Min PD shines in latest 《In The Soop》 episode

The latest “In The Soop BTS ver” episode showcased the members working together on a song. Our genius producer SUGA shines as he quickly rushed to get his equipment to put together the members’ work.

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She continues: “Are we getting this? I feel honored to watch him work in the moment. All the times he and the members have mentioned his ability to bust out quality songs at a rapid pace consistently, his absolute pitch ability, his driving passion for composing. All of that just manifested.”

As soon as he walks in he gets to work on pulling it together for the group: ‘what are the chords?’ ‘oh we can make this’

Suddenly running through the rain to grab his equipment to take advantage of the creative mojo, and this is the super crucial aspect to note – he was doing it bc he wanted to support the members’ interest it creating music just for fun, bc it was special for them.

Remember how Jimin mentioned recently that Yoongi has been super supportive of him getting closer to the music? This is Yoongi’s passion for music and love for his friends coming together in one beautiful moment.

Additionally, how heartwarming it is to see the members show complete confidence in Yoongi as the musician to call on.
-We need Yoongi for this
-Imagine Yoongi making a track and completing the song
-Yoongi, let’s go

Making music is just breathing to him.

[off screen] ‘It only takes an hour, it’s easy.’

Are you kidding me? He’s not exaggerating when he talks about writing hundreds of songs a year if he can just whip it out

If you ever wanted solid proof in the moment caught on camera of his composition and production talents, well, there you have it.

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