Music Producer Praises Suga

Music Producer praises SUGA’s Work

A veteran music producer in the Korean music industry analyzed BTS Suga’s producing skills and answered people’s questions on whether or not singers really do produce their own music.

He states that this is a question that he receives quite often from friends and other artists. He explains that in the past there have been many artists that just add a few things here and there to an already made song and made it look like they co-produced it. He says it’s true that many producers had a bad impression of idols producing music in the past.

He decides to see how idols are producing music currently and chose to learn about BTS’s Suga for this episode.

Taking a look at various photos of Suga’s recording studio, he finds many top-notch equipment from speakers, recording program, microphones, and more.

He believes that having high quality equipment doesn’t equate to good music but in the case of Suga, he feels he has the skill and the technology for making great music.

He estimates Suga’s studio to cost 30,000,000 KRW (~$25,945.61 USD). The equipment that he uses does not overlap with one another and all have a certain role in the making process of his music. The choices he made in equipment truly show that he is someone that understands the importance of sound when it comes to making music.

He also says he understands Suga’s pain in this clip of Jungkook asking Suga if he usually stays in the studio for more than half a day.

Suga replies with, “What do you mean half a day~ I eat and sleep in this studio…”

He also finds it amazing that Suga started using the midi ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface) since he was 13 years old, making him having 14 years of experience.

He also checked the KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) website and found that he had 90 songs listed on the site.

He also points out that in the songs that he produces, you can find his name under credits for production and arrangement. Most artists usually just assist with the production, but not many take part in the arrangement of the song.

He believes that arrangement takes more effort than it does skill because it takes a great amount of time to create and arrange all the sounds for a song. Many producers believe that arrangement takes 99% effort.

He concludes that Suga is truly a talented artist and producer and will be waiting for more great music from him in the future!

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