ARMY celebrates 100 Days with Shadow

Today (4/19) we celebrated #100DaysWithShadow???? on Twitter. It has been 100 days since ‘Interlude: Shadow’ was released.

It reached 1 million likes in 30 mins making it the fastest in history to achieve this at the time, and also the most viewed & liked trailer in the first 24h with 19.6M views & 3.6M likes.

Suga, with ‘Interlude: Shadow’, holds the record for the 2nd fastest MV in YouTube’s history to reach 1M Likes in just 30 minutes (surpassed only by BTS’ Black Swan released afterwards).

It also holds the record for the fastest MV by a Korean soloist to reach 10M views and 2M Likes on the platform.

‘Interlude: Shadow’ is now the 65th (+1) most commented and 191st most liked music video in YouTube’s history.

It remains the most liked (with 5.4M likes) and 3rd most commented (with 611,847 comments) Comeback Trailer on the platform.

The music video is very close to reaching 70M views. Watch it here.

Data thanks to @SugaChartData on Twitter

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