SUGA and Halsey the day after the release of SUGA's Interlude

Suga Charts An Important Solo Top 10 In The U.S.

SUGA and Halsey the day after the release of SUGA's Interlude

For the song “Suga’s Interlude,” BTS singer Suga teamed up with pop artist Halsey. The song is actually scheduled to drop next month on her upcoming album Manic. It was released earlier this month (12/6) as a single and all fans quickly made it into a hit on one very important ranking

This week, “Suga’s Interlude” moved up from No. 41 to No. 10 on the Digital Song Sales chart, which ranks the bestselling tracks in the U.S. every week. The single sold little under 9,100 copies in the past tracking week, which was enough to put it ahead of other popular releases. And this taking into account that some sales were “lost” due to the song being released minutes before tracking week started.

“Suga’s Interlude” is credited to Halsey, BTS and Suga, and the mention of Suga’s name is particularly important in this case since it’s his first ever apperance as a soloist in this list.

Before he had only appeared on the World Digital Song Sales ranking but that listing only takes into account foreign works. This list includes music in all languages and genres, so it’s a great achievement for our Min Yoongi.

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