Spotify Monthly Listeners (january)

SUGA is the most listened to Korean Soloist (Spotify)

Spotify Monthly Listeners (january)

SUGA became the Most Listened To Korean Soloist on 1/3 KST with 2.7M monthly listeners after surpassing IU who was on the first spot.

You can visit SUGA’s profile here and listen to his songs here. We also have the follow buttons on the sidebar.

On his profile you can find his two collaborations: Suga’s Interlude (with Halsey) and Song Request (with Lee Sora). Both songs have broken multiple records since their release and continue to be impactful to this date.

Despite this success, Suga’s Spotify profile still doesn’t have a biography to its name, which is why we want to start working on requesting one ASAP. Can you help us? Join the conversation on Twitter to learn how you can help.

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