(Video) SUGA is highlighted as a great idol from DAEGU

Daegu is the 8th city where the most idols come from. After briefly mentioning Daegu and its characteristics, the host went on to discuss about the one and only Min Yoongi aka SUGA as one of the most recognized idols to come out of this city.

SUGA’s segment started with his verse on Ma City where he mentions “Born and raised in Daegu, I’m the pride of Daegu (…)”. They went on to highlight how SUGA’s passion and tenacity can be seen in his lyrics.

The segment ended with the host saying: “Suga’s efforts did not betray him. Now he’s a major superstar.” And then a brief mention of his special lecture at his alma mater back in January 2016.

Watch SUGA’s segment below, or watch the full video here:

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