New Year celebration with SUGA and BTS

We’re starting 2020 off on the right foot. As you know, last night BTS performed at Dick and Clark’s Rockin Eve 2020 in Times Square, NYC. Their performances included Make It Right (with a brand new choreo) and Boy With Luv. They became the headliners of the night!

SUGA shows off his dance moves during “Make It Right”

During “Make It Right”, Yoongi Nation was left speechless after this particular move:

We can confirm SUGA is definitely part of the dance line!

Starting 2020 with Suga!

The first BTS tweets of the year were posted by none other than our genius producer Min Yoongi, and if this doesn’t mean 2020 will be amazing, I don’t know what will.

Suga shared a selca with the outfit he wore at the presentation and he looked especially gorgeous with his sweet smile and kind eyes. Our honey boy looked incredibly happy!

But that’s not all, we also got video!

If you think walking into 2020 with a brand new Yoongi fancam and selca is perfect, how about video?

Suga also posted a video of him counting down to 2020 in Times Square with the rest of the Bangtan boys. We got those sweet sounds he makes, and him screaming “Happy New Year” together with the 1.5 million people that attended the New Year’s event.

“Happy New Year Yoongi” trends

Shortly after Yoongi shared these two posts, we noticed something on the trending topics and it wasn’t even planned. “Happy New Year Yoongi” started trending at #15, and slowly found its way up, peaking at #10. His posts were filled with comments wishing him a Happy New Year, and people were sharing them with thoughtful words that show how much ARMY loves him and how thankful we are that he exists.

Final Thoughts

This moment will definitely go down in history for BTS and particularly for SUGA who was noticeably happy and excited to be part of such an amazing event. Here at SUGA News, we wish you happiness and even more success this new year Yoongi, we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for you!

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