“Agust D” was included on FUSE TV’s “The Best Mixtapes of 2016” list

#16 Agust D, ‘Agust D’

“In their three years together, the members of BTS have broken away from the squeaky-safe K-pop world with mixtapes that allow them a totally free avenue to explore new topics and sounds.

The band’s aggressive rapper Suga did this by adopting an entirely new persona, Agust D, through a tape that featured topics like his struggles with fame and depression.

Not only is Suga exploring new subject matters, but the music itself is ambitious, with the Agust D’s title track including a brilliant sample of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” that would likely be super-expensive to clear for a regular album track.

Call it unhinged K-pop.”

– Jeff Benjamin

Update 11/3/2020: The original listicle is no longer available. So we only have the screenshots and numerous tweets about this amazing achievement!

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