Two of SUGA’s songs are Genius Korea Community’s Favorite Songs Of 2020

The Genius Korea community chose two of SUGA’s amazing songs as part of their favorite songs of 2020. Here’s what they had to say:

Dear My Friend

“Dear My Friend” was something I didn’t expect from Agust D. I wasn’t much active on Genius to help out with the song but I remember listening to it and the tone with the piano was just amazing. When I went to the English Translation while listening to it and immediately teared up. I loved the song since due to the whole pandemic I wasn’t able to see a good friend of mine and I feel that we maybe have drifted apart. Especially the line that parallels “Spring Day,” that goes like;
‘Was it you who changed? Or was it me? Uh
I hate this flowing time, it’s us who changed’
Hopefully, if this pandemic ends, I can chat with my friend and catch up.


에잇 (eight)

Korean songstress, IU joined forces with BTS member Suga to release an uplifting anthem for turning 28 years old. This song was obviously going to be extremely popular not just in Korea but also internationally. But after hearing the song and reading its lyrics, I was happy that it gained all the popularity. The two artists aged 28, sang about the challenges of being a certain age in the music industry but also the joys of being an adult. It was also really nice to hear that the song might have been dedicated to IU’s friends, Goo Hara and Jonghyun. The song followed IU’s age-themed hits like 2015’s “스물셋 (Twenty-three)” and 2017’s “Palette”. Each song including “Eight” is written as a self-reflection of her year. Combining the popularity of the two singers, the song debuted at #1 on both South Korean charts and the Billboard World Digital Songs chart.


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