Recap of ØMI’s live broadcast where he spoke about SUGA & their collab ‘YOU’ (Prod. SUGA)

SUGA of BTS participated in the production of the song ‘YOU’. As I said in the Instagram Live earlier today, I am currently holding auditions for HYBE Japan as co-producer, and even before the auditions, we talked about collaborations between artists.

At the time, I was about to start working on this album and I had heard BTS’s music and had known SUGA’s works as a producer, so I asked him to work with me and he accepeted.

If I had worked alone as always, I don’t think such a song would have been made. SUGA understood what kind of a world I wanted to depict through this song, listening to my previous works and watching the MVs, he fully understood the whole concept. He must had been really busy but he took the time to send me several demos, so I chose the song and we developed it together.

It was motivating for me to work with SUGA because, while we worked together, I once again realized how talented he is and I could see him as a member of the #1 group in the world, and also as a man who loves music.

I felt that he is a loved artist and also a producer. I have worked on this song with respect for him and his fans, so I hope you like it.

Q. How do you address each other? (reading a comment)
A. SUGA-san, ØMI-san

When SUGA sent me the demo that he sang, there weren’t any lyrics yet but he put in some words in the demo. And there were lots of “YOU”s in it which caught my ears too, so we simply decided the title as YOU.

Source: Full translation by dSUGA_1993

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