SUGA trends Worldwide after Weverse Magazine announcement

‘SUGA COMING SOON’ is currently trending Worldwide. Notice how his name is its own Twitter subject 😅


He also trended at #9, then climbed to #8 in South Korea as K-ARMYshared: ‘Yoongi interview’


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  1. Hi !!! suga .How are you ? I think now you are better .If you are we are also better ,Get well soon Min Yoongi. I need to see you getting well soon and smiling with your cute face and I want to see you dancing like a dancing genius. I ‘m always with you suga . You are like my life . I love your life as I love my life. You are my god .I believe in you .I trut you,I love you,I care about you very much. I don’t want to see anything happening to you . You are my greatest treasure . You are my best friend I’m not lying .I just wanna see you happy ,smiling with your cuteness sweet face, Dancing superbly that makes me crazy . Singing beautiful songs that makes us happy .Don’t anything bad about me .I’m telling the truth for you.You are my Best friend even though you don’t know me ,I love you sooo much .I just wanna see you happy .BYEE !!! I’m 13 years old . Be happy always .That’s my only wish.
    I ‘m Yathika Umandi ,
    From Sri Lanka ,
    Love you.

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