D-2 has surpassed 360 million streams on Spotify

Agust D’s ‘D-2’ surpasses 360 million streams on Spotify, breaking his previous record for most album streams for a Korean soloist

SUGA’s second mixtape “D-2”, released last year as Agust D, surpassed 360 million streams on Spotify on the 19th (Korea time). D-2 is the fastest and only album by a Korean soloist to surpass this milestone.

SUGA previously achieved 350 million streams with “D-2” on the 6th, setting a record for the most streams for a Spotify album released by a Korean solo artist.

The title song “Daechwita” of “D-2” surpassed 120 million streams on Spotify on the 12th, and SUGA continues to gain global popularity as Agust D.

SUGA, who released the mixtape under the name Agust D, surpassed 500 million combined streams on Spotify on June 25 with his first mixtape “Agust D” released in 2016 and the second mixtape “D-2” released in 2020.

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