210720 – SUGA Log

SUGA just shared a video log on YouTube, thanking ARMY for all the support given to Permission To Dance, sharing how he was surprised and happy when he saw the charts!

SUGA’s log has been translated by seoulocello on Twitter:

2021, July 20th, SUGA’s log. Today, at dawn, I heard the news that Permission to Dance got No. 1 on Hot 100. I could hardly sleep and I was really happy.

I was actually not expecting this result, although I was wishing for it. But the result ended up being amazing, so I started filming this log with a grateful heart.

Thanks to ARMYs who have given so much love and support to Butter and now PTD, PTD was able to get #1. I feel very honored as well as a bit stunned. There is definitely the feeling of pressure. But still, I think our way has always been giving our best within our capabilities.

I feel that the day we can see ARMYs offline is approaching. I hope that day comes as soon as possible.

Dynamite, Butter, Life Goes On, Permission to Dance, ON, Black Swan — we never got a chance to show all these different songs offline yet, so I am very much looking forward to that day. And I hope that day comes soon.

I also want to tell you — thank you so so much for giving love to Permission to Dance.

2021, July 20th End of SUGA’s log

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