Seventeen’s Hoshi mentioned SUGA on Park So-Hyun’s Love Game Radio!

On February 11, Seventeen’s unit BSS appeared on Park So-Hyun’s Love Game radio show to promote their newest title track. Radio host Park So-Hyun asked Hoshi about his recent appearance on SUGA’s show Suchwita.

Hoshi revealed that he and SUGA “hadn’t had contact before, so that [Suchwita] was the first time we got to have a conversation. Hyung really took care of me, and because we are in the same company, we got to talk about stuff only we know about and he gave me some advice. After it ended we went up to hyung’s studio and he let me listen to his (unreleased) songs.”

Park So Hyun also pointed out that SUGA commented on Hoshi‘s Instagram post, which surprised everyone since SUGA had never liked or commented on a post that wasn’t from a BTS member before.

(SUGA) is really a warm-hearted person


Hoshi continued on to say: “He also bought me a meal, he brought me somewhere really tasty, I realized that he’s really a warm-hearted person. We hadn’t had contact before, but he continued to take care of me after [the show] so I was really thankful.

The radio host ended the segment by thanking SUGA: “SUGA-ssi, thank you and we love you”. To which Hoshi added “I love you, hyung!DK and Seungkwan also said “Thank you!”

Episode 4 of SUCHWITA: SUGA with HOSHI has surpassed 3.8 million views on YouTube and continues to trend on YouTube South Korea since its release.

Watch the segment (starts at minute 36):

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